At last, we are scheduled to have a June Meet & Greet Luncheon to get to know each other better. We have been working hard in organizing the details of the event and are very excited about having this time to listen to a great speaker.  We are bringing in Steve Beecham who will talk about why we need to deepen our professional and social relationships and how we can go about accomplishing this task. We thought Steve’s message is an excellent fit because major gift fundraising is primarily about relationships.  Although it is true that we have many wonderful ways to communicate and remain in touch with our friends, family and professional acquaintances, how much do we use social media as a crutch? Steve is going to address relationship building the old fashion way, and we cannot wait to hear his message. The event is also going to take place at the beautifully restored and historic Atlanta Women’s Club -The Wimbish House. The ambiance of the historic home is just stunning and the home itself is full of great history.  All in all, we believe it is going to be a nice event and a great way to share more about who we are while learning more about our attendees in the nonprofit sector.  By the way, we also would like to extend a special invitation to our blog readers. If you live in Atlanta and enjoy reading our blog, please come join us.  You will need to send us an e-mail at info@scottpractice.com and ask to be placed on our Blog RSVP list.  Unfortunately, space is limited for the event, so we cannot accommodate everyone, but hope to meet some of you who wish to join us.  Finally, specific details regarding the event can be found by visiting http://majorgifts.scottpractice.com.

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