Untold Stories

As you read our blog you will learn of the journey we have had in our pursuit to make the world healthier as we interact and/or discover people engaged in this effort.  We will periodically post on the work and accomplishments of various non-profit organizations.  These are the people whose tremendous work makes a difference in health outcomes.  We want you to know what they and SP Consulting are doing behind the scenes.  We hope that this blog will tell many untold stories. We, at SP Consulting are here to be a second voice in this collective journey for a healthier world.

We aim to help health and human service organizations in their mission to advance the health of people around the United States and beyond.  A healthier world is shaped by not only our physical and mental status, but the well-being of our families, communities and physical environments.  Thus, we at SP Consulting will work to expand the impact non-profit health and human service organizations have on populations served by providing services aimed to expand non-profit capacity.

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